Blog Post created by Sootie on Feb 28, 2012

I must admit that, since I quit smoking, I have become a fan of the show--The Biggest Loser! Before I quit, I thought this show was completely dumb...I could not understand how someone could become so heavy  and so inactive and have so much trouble stopping these horrible practices! 

However, now, I see that this is just another addiction---it is an addiction that is foreign to me----but an addiction none the less. Perhaps there are people on The Biggest Loser who would find it disgusting to put a burning stick in your mouth over 20 times a day and inhale the smoke! We are all trying to overcome something that is bad for us but hard to stop doing.

I find the themes---"it's your choice", "no excuses" , "don't try---just do it"-----to be so very appropriate for us also. And, I see the coaches using tough love for some, and fatherly counseling for others.....really, I recommend watching it as it reinforces all of our concepts of kicking an addiction----just a different one!