Seattle, anyone?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 26, 2017

I’m flying into Seattle tomorrow night (Thursday, 10/26) for a nice long 25 hour layover.


I arrive at my hotel, which is about five blocks away from Pike Place Market, at about 9pm tomorrow night.


I’ll be hanging out in Seattle all day on Friday, the 27th, until about 10pm, when I’ll be working the red-eye flight back to DC.


Do we have any EXers in, or near, Seattle?  


I would love to meet an EXer while I’m here!  It doesn’t matter if you have a successful Quit or if you are brand new to EX and don’t really know anyone yet.  Heck, I’d really love to meet up with someone who is even just starting to THINK about setting a Quit Date.


Lunch at a restaurant in Pike Place is on me.  Or brunch.  Or a snack.  Or even just a cup of coffee.  Or at any place you want to meet up that I can get to via public transportation or Uber.


Are there any EXers in Seattle?  C’mon, don’t be shy, please!  I WANT TO MEET UP.  (Photo op, too!!!)


Respond to this blog or send me a private message here on EX.  Or ask me for my phone or email in a comment on this blog.  


Let’s make this happen!


xxxooo,   Sky