Oops.  I forgot the Anniversary part in my last blog...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 9, 2017

September 27th came and went.  


It was my fifth year anniversary as an ex-smoker.


Granted, I was up to my eyeballs in wedding details just three days before my daughter’s wedding.


Even so, I really love the fact that this anniversary came...and went...and I didn’t even notice.


It’s the first anniversary that I wasn’t hanging around on EX all day, and loving the kudos I was getting.


It is bittersweet to think that I’m so successful at beating nicotine that a milestone like FIVE YEARS could just pass me by.


But, at five years...I’m so happy to be NOT thinking about smoking at all.


Love, love, love, love to all the wonderful people who came here before me and helped me to find my Forever Quit.


We find EX, we get involved, we support each other,  and WE QUIT.  Every one has a diffferent journey.  But the one thing we ALL have found is that SUPPORT MATTERS.


So please, let us support you.


xxxooo,  Sky