Just Found An Old Letter I Wrote to Cigarettes!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Aug 5, 2017

Dear Cigarettes,

You were the worst boyfriend I ever had. All my friends told me you were bad for me, but I thought I needed you.
You were clingy and nasty. I couldn't go ANYWHERE without you. You always smelled bad and people could certainly tell when I'd been with you.
When we were together, my priorities were all messed up; if you weren't welcome somewhere, then I didn't go there. You even made me stop doing things I loved to do, like hike, bicycle and exercise.
When I broke up with you, it was very hard because I thought I still loved you. But the longer we are apart, the more I know that dumping you was the best decision of my life. So don't even THINK that we could ever get back together.
And stay away from my friends, too, you lying jerk!

Goodbye forever,