A Reminder to all EXers, especially if they are new here on EX!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jun 11, 2017

Just a few quick (but VITAL) reminders for anyone who is struggling with their Quit...


You know your life will improve without your nicotine addiction.


You know that you'll love having that extra money that you used to spend on cigarettes.


You know that all the people who love you will be so proud and happy that you have quit smoking.


You know that you will be getting back all that time that you used to spend away from whatever event was going on while you were going off to smoke.


You know that educating yourself about nicotine addiction will help insure your success.


You know that the words "try", "attempt", "hope" don't belong in your thinking anymore.


You know that, from the first minute you post a blog here on EX, that we will rush to welcome you, support you and help you find the ways that best help you to find your Forever Quit.


So, bring on your nicotine addiction, Newbies and Lurkers!  Because we can show you how WE quit and how YOU can also quit forever.


Smoking sucks.  (Even if you still think you love it.  Which you don't.  Ask us; we will tell you why your brain is telling you that you love smoking and need it to stay calm and beat the daily stresses in your life.  We will direct you to articles about how nicotine addiction hijacks your brain...)


"Loving" and  "Needing" cigarettes can be a thing of the past.  It's important to know that.  You CAN go on to a life without cigarettes.  I know this because I did it.  All the Elders here on EX have also done it, along with all the other Quitters in various stages of quitting.


And we aren't missing a damn thing.  I never believed that could be true.  Until I quit.


You CAN feel that way, too.  Because YOUR addiction to nicotine is no stronger nor harder to beat than OUR addiction was.   (Now, go back and read that last sentence again and let it sink in...)  


If we can quit cigarettes that, at one time, we thought that we "needed" in order to survive, we can help you to find your Quit.


Lean on us here at EX.


xxxooo,  Sky