More Photos from the EX5 Dinner Cruise

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on May 26, 2017

One of the highlights of EX5 in Virginia Beach was driving over to Norfolk, VA, to enjoy a dinner cruise on The Star of Norfolk.  Thank you, Kathy, for organizing that.  I only regret not getting video of Jackie and Pops dancing!  Here are a few photos of us stuffing our faces.

From left: Mark Admin, jojo, Brenda M and Rick

From left: Mary Ellen and Sue (Rick's family friend and wife, respectively)

From left, Laura, Donna, Ellen

Nancy has such a gorgeous smile, doesn't she?

From left: Pat, Megan Admin and Laura

Tommy and Pattycake

Our Super-Star(fish), Kathy (Strudel!)

From left: Tommy, Patty, Kathy and Chris (Kathy's sister)

From left: Chris, Pops, Jackie, Jennifer

Jojo and Brenda M at the table, Sharon and Ellen in the buffet line

From left: Jim, Mark Admin, jojo, Brenda M and Rick (Sharon in the back)

From left: jojo, Brenda M and Rick

From left: Sue, Shawn and Jim


A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!  Thanks again, Kathy, for making this trip so special!