Monday, May 22:  Fond Farewells to EX5

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on May 26, 2017

And all of a sudden,  EX5-Virginia Beach was over.  We had barely gotten started!  When the Old Lady Caravan arrived on Thursday, May 18th, the weekend stretched long and luxuriously ahead of us.  But just a little more than 72 hours later, we were hugging and making plans for next year.  We all stayed at the hotel breakfast until 10am when they closed it up.  Then there were hugs, pictures, promises and off we all went on our separate ways.  


But still together.  Always together.  Held together by a bond that you can't understand until you've experienced it...



Patty and Donna.  In the left background, Pops and jojo hug while Nancy watches.  In the way-back, from left: Sharon, Shawn, Chris and Pat.

Donna and me (Sky) acting like we don't realize we are about to spend the entire day together in the Old Lady Caravan!

Patty and me (Gee, I don't very wide-awake for getting ready to drive The Old Lady Caravan for almost ten hours!). Three Old Ladies in the background: Nancy, jojo and Ellen.

Laura, Pops, Sky, Tommy, Kathy

Pops, Sky, Tommy (Nice photobomb, Laura!!!)

Sharon, Sky, Pat

Tommy and Kathy in a grave discussion about something important...?

Nancy, getting ready to roll...

The room was cleared out and Tommy, Shawn and Tommy were saying their last goodbyes.  (Little did Shawn know then that she'd end up staying an extra night (flight delays) and having a sleepover with Jackie!)


And a good, amazing, never-to-be-forgotten time was had by all...  Goodbye EX5!