A Few Photos from Murphy's Irish Pub at EX5

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on May 26, 2017

On Sunday night, there were still 17 of us staying overnight.  So somebody organized a group trip to Murphy's Irish Pub for dinner.  Most people walked the two blocks, but the Old Lady Caravan drove for anyone who needed a lift.  Somehow, we ended up with more people in our group than Murphy's had prepared for, so there was some scrambling of chairs and squeezing folks in.  But it all worked out and we had a final semi-official gathering on Sunday night.  Here are a few pictures:

From left: Sharon, Donna, Jackie, Rick, Sue and Pat

We were all running around, trying to get some last photos of everyone.  Here's Jackie, snapping away!  (With jojo in the foreground.)

From left: Sharon, Donna, Jackie. (Grumpy old man in background)

Rick and Laura

Two GORGEOUS smiling women from the Old Lady Caravan: Nancy and Ellen.  (Sue and Pat in background)

Patty and jojo

Tommy and Patty

Shawn (with half of jojo on one side and half of Mary Ellen on the other side)

Handsome Tommy!

One last shot...the food was all eaten and we had to start thinking about tomorrow's travel plans.  That explains the long faces...


A good time was had by all!