There's something missing from my EX5 Brunch photo post...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on May 24, 2017

One big thing is missing from my blog about the EX5 Brunch...does anyone have their postcard with the "Story of the Starfish"?   That was the MOST important thing about that entire EX5 Brunch and we need to highlight it!


I can't find mine!!!! Kathy, if you have any extras, please mail me one. (I'll give you my mailing address if you have one to send.).


If anyone still can find that amazing postcard that Kathy had printed of the Starfish story, PLEASE take a closeup picture and post it here on this blog in a BIG BOLD PHOTO.


Because it was that story about about the little boy making a difference, even if it was only to ONE particular starfish, that got that whole Brunch started on the amazing theme of helping each other as EXers, ON A ONE-TO-ONE basis.


That wonderful short story reminded us that you don't have to be a STAR here on EX to make a difference.   Everyone doesn't have to love the hell out of you here on EX.  You don't have to be an EX celebrity.   You don't have to be creative or fancy or clever or loud or funny. You MATTER if you just say one thing to one person who needs to hear what you have to say.  You can find someone you connect with during your Quit and you can be a quiet hero to that person.


If you say the right thing at the right time, if you can be at the right place to comment when someone needs support or love, if you can listen when someone needs to spill out their heart, if you can just BE for someone in pain, if you can help someone understand their confusion or doubt, then you have made a difference for that one person.  


And that one person may not ever pick up a cigarette again because they remember YOU and what you said, what you did, your words and how you held them, virtually, in your arms when they most needed it.


If I can know that I helped even just one person beat their nicotine addiction and I know that I made a difference to that one person's life?  Wow.


xxxooo,  Sky