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Posted by SkyGirl Jan 23, 2017



About me?  I'm 61. I am a flight attendant with United Airlines.  And, NO, I do not drag passengers off the plane or swing strollers at their heads.  (Current news of 4/17)

 I was married to my high school sweetheart for 17 years. We have five children and 5 grandchildren, I have been amicably divorced for 23 years. My ex is a great man and my children are lucky to have him as a father.

 I have been in an amazing, supportive, loving relationship with Jeff, since the year I was divorced.  Yes, I had the same boyfriend for 22 years!  We finally got married on the beach in 2016.  We felt married already anyway, but it was still cool. 

I am based with United Airlines in Washington DC, and live in a condo in Reston, VA, most of the time.  Jeff & I have a small home on the beach in Cape Meares, Oregon,(near Tillamook), where he lives and is the General Manager of a resort hotel in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  I get home to Oregon about once a month for a week or so each time.  "Absence makes the heart grow fonder..."

I picked up smoking when I was 16 and quit when I was 30. I quit with the aid of a program called "Smoke Stoppers" which was offered by a local hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, which is my hometown.  It was my first attempt to quit and I was successful because I was SO committed to quitting.  I quit for 23 YEARS! 

My sister came to DC for Obama's first inauguration and she smokes.  For SOME unfathomable reason, I took one of her cigarettes and was IMMEDIATELY hooked again. I couldn't let another inauguration roll around and still be smoking!  So I quit on September 27, 2012.

Oh, and I LOVE cats.  Jeff and I have two cats: Kenneth (Ken) and Barbara (Barbie).


Brief Description

61 year old flight attendant



No website in profile.



if not up at 38, 000 feet, then either reston, virginia or cape meares, oregon or ann arbor, michigan.



traveling, reading, internet, crabbing & fishing at my other home in cape meares, oregon



cooking, writing, making people comfortable & welcome