Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Sep 12, 2016

Today was the 15th anniversary of the horror of 9/11.   

At United Airlines, which is my airline, eleven flight attendants died that day, on Flights 175 and 93.

Flight 175 was flown into the second tower. 

Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville, PA, but was intended to fly into the White House.

At American Airlines, thirteen flight attendants died on Flights 11 and 77.

Flight 11 was flown into the first tower.

Flight 77 was flown into the Pentagon.

It's always a hard day for me.   And for every other flight attendant.

Those 24 innocent flight attendants died doing the same job that my flying partners and I do every time we fly.

It is always a little hard to go back to work the day after 9/11 each year.

And we are always hyper-vigilant, overly-observant and carefully suspicious on 9/12.  

And 9/13.  And 9/14. And 9/15...  And every single day of the year.

We never forget.  We never will.  But we will always fly.  We will not live in fear.

Pray for peace in the world.

xxxooo,   Sky