Off to Sacramento and Denver!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Sep 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day, everyone!  Make sure to protect your Quit during those picnics and barbeques!

I'm off to Sacramento for a nice 19 hour layover today.  I love those one-leg days!  Any EXers in Sacramento?

Tomorrow, I lay over in Denver, but only for 11 hours so no time to consider meeting up with anyone.

Then, the third day is a killer: Denver to Chicago, Chicago to Orlando, Orlando to Newark and finally, Newark to  DC.  Ugh.

Just think, six cities in two & a half days...and not a single cigarette in any of them!  Freedom feels good, even after a few years.

And the payoff for that trip is that I then have eight days off to go home to Cape Meares, Oregon!   Home Sweet Home!

xxxooo,   Sky