But I LOOOOOVE to Smoke!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Aug 31, 2016

Um.  No, you don't.

Your brain TELLS you that you do love it.  And that you NEED it.  And that you can't give it up...



Because nicotine is a drug that has actually PHYSICALLY CHANGED your brain receptors and your dopamine pathways to trick you into thinking that the act of ingesting nicotine is a pleasurable experience. 

Understanding how nicotine affects your brain is really, really, really important when you are about to quit.

When you understand how your brain has been changed by nicotine, it becomes much easier to sort of step outside of a craving when it hits.  Not to be morbid, but it's like those hospital room scenes where the patient is hovering above their body, watching it all happen as though it's happening to someone else.

If you really want to understand, go to  In the upper left hand corner of the homepage, there is a link called "Nicotine Addiction 101".

Read it.

You won't be sorry.  It will help you.  

xxxooo,   Sky