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Flyin' like a Crazy Bird...

Posted by SkyGirl May 5, 2015

I've been flying every single minute since I got back from dropping Nancy off in Baltimore after our incredible time in Nashville. An example of the last two days: Washington DC to Chicago to Omaha to Denver to Ft Lauderdale to Houston to Portland, OR.  

I'm just now getting a chance to check EX, so I want to say several things:  

Sorry I haven't posted any of my Nashville pics to Photobucket but I DO have a great right-side-up video of Giulia's song "NOPE" and when I get home in three days from now, I'll try to post it to the Nashville photo site that Sarah set up.  

I want to give a BIG HUG to jimmie for his Day 100!!  You had a tough start but I am so happy that you are creating your own success story!  (P.S. I love your avatar pic in the green t-shirt).

Brenda M: Yes, yes, yes.  Gosh. I am the worst.  I'm SO excited that you are back here in DC now and I just have to coordinate with you.  It will happen. I LOVE that you got your embassy job again.  So cool.  I MISS YOU.

Have to say: I miss Elvan and DJ and Youngatheart.  Never had a better time.  Seriously.

Holy Cow, there's another Nancy here now, youngatheart!  Did you see?  WELCOME, NANCYL!  I don't have time to write a long note to NancyL now because of my red-eye flight schedule, but please know (or someone who talks to her, please let her know!) that I can't WAIT to get to know her and support her!  We are even the same age, I think.  There can never be too many Nancys.  Wait.  Ask My Beloved. He might disagree.  Hah!

Okay, there is nothing even remotely interesting to many EXers in this blog.  That might be because it doesn't include a single mention of smoking.  So why is that relevant here on EX?  Because I, among the many others here, could not have imagined a time that we could have written a blog about our lives that didn't include the thought of smoking before, during or after writing it!  But living without nicotine is the most free I've ever felt.  And I love that I can write about anything I want and never ever, for one single moment, worry about my next cigarette.  Because there ISN'T a "next cigarette". And there never will be.

Not an inspired blog here, but it is what it is...  Gotta sleep now; PDX-IAH-DEN-DCA tomorrow...  

xxxxoooo,   Sky