Craves are Just Waves...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Apr 28, 2015

Remember...a crave is like a wave in the ocean.  

The urge to have a cigarette starts small, like a thought or a nagging feeling.  It will build.  It will peak.  Then it will ebb away.

This pattern is true...whether you have a cigarette or you do not have a cigarette.

If you start to give that urge your attention and give it some importance, it will be more difficult to get through it.

There are lots of ways to get through those few minutes of a crave.

The easiest way to simply mentally step outside of the feeling and observe it as if you are a third party watching it.  That takes nothing more than patience while you wait for the feeling to pass.

Another way to handle cravings is to put all of your attention on something else.  A taste of something different. A small household task.  A few minutes of exercise.  It doesn't matter what you do and taste in those few minutes.  It only matters that you turn your attention to something ELSE.  

The crave will pass before you know it.  And you will feel so powerful over nicotine when it does fade away.

Handle cravings one at a time.  They will come less often the longer you go without nicotine.  

And, one day, sometime down the road, you won't have any cravings at all.  It's amazing how that works....

xxxooo,   Sky