Road Trip to Nashville!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Feb 26, 2015
   A road trip it is, then!  I AM SO EXCITED TO DO THIS WITH YOU, Ellen !!!!!
   I'm talking to Nancy (youngatheart) and dj (among other Virginians, DCers, Marylanders) about going with us.  I have a nice big Dodge Journey.  Can you imagine how much fun it would be to fill it up with old ladies?  LOL  (Sheesh,I never say stuff like "LOL")
  I'm on a four-day trip now, and laying over in Cleveland (ugh) tonight.  Off to bed with me because of my 4:40am check-in.  I'll get in contact with you on my next layover...Seattle?  San Diego?  Sheesh, I'll have to check my paperwork, but I know it's on the west coast so there is a 3-hour time difference.  
  But, I am SO holding you to this, Ellen.  You won't regret it.  I've looked into motel stuff for halfway there AND for hotel rooms in Nashville. Having my car there gives us lots of flexibilty. (Hell, if I can't have flexibility in my joints, I'll be happy to have it in my hotel choices! LOL  Sheesh, I'm really thinking I'm funny tonight.)
  I know this is really fragmented and incomplete.  I've flown WAY too hard today...   Just know that YOU AND I GOING TO NASHVILLE.
  And I could not be happier about that, Ellen.  I mean that.  
  xxxxxxxoooooooo,  me