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...or a huge shot of steroids from your rheumatologist can make, too!

Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends here, both old and new, that sent up good thoughts and supported me  so lovingly when Ellen posted how awful I was feeling several days ago.  My rheumatologist at Geo. Washiington University Medical Center made time to see me just two days after Ellen posted.  And her office HAD been telling me there was NO WAY they could see me before my next scheduled appointment on December 2!!!  So somebody upstairs was listening to you all!  Thank you!  

The doc used the largest syringe I've ever seen (seriously, it was like a foot long) and within 24 hours, I started to be able to bend my joints again.  I had ridden the Metro rail to her office and my joints were so painful and frozen up when I got to my stop that I was afraid I wouldn't make it from my seat to the door before it closed.  When I was a Girl Scout (a thousand years ago), we used to sing a campfire song about a guy named Charlie who got stuck on a train and had to ride it forever.  I thought maybe that was going to be my fate on the DC Metro train!  LOL

Anyway, I felt good enough to work my next trip.  Of course, as Dale has already posted, it was a trip with a 25 hours layover in San Diego.  I would have had to have been DEAD to miss that trip!  I didn't even know that Mn@ was going to be in San Diego tomorrow.  Darn, I would LOVE to have met him in person!  

I did have a most excellent time with Dale again!  Hoggie was actually pretty friendly to me this time, too, and I got pics of that.  I absolutely LOVE it when I'm in San Diego long enough to ride the Coaster train up Oceanside to hang out with Dale.  He got a brand new hairy visor thing and it takes 20 years off him!  Hee hee.  Seriously, whenever Dale and I have gotten together, we have so much to talk about that we trip over each other's sentences and interrupt each other all evening long.  Those chile rellenos he takes me out for are truly, as he always says, "as big as your hand"!  The best part was the sit on the pier in the light of the full moon with the salty breezes and the waves crashing.  I hated to leave.  This visit, I got to see the house where he grew up, too.

I have such a backlog of pictures on my camera that I haven't posted because I'm having trouble getting them from Photobucket on to my blogs.  Not sure why.  I'll probably need to get some expert advice from Shawn (again!) because I still haven't been able to post all those great photos of Strudel and Nanawendy from our wild (hah!) girls' weekend in Charlottesville.  (I know you ALL want to see pictures of Kathy and Wendy with crazy Christmas hats on in the store.  Actually, I think it was antlers on a headband...)  So hopefully I'll get the latest pictures of my Oceanside visit with Dale up pretty soon, along with all the rest of my photos.

And I'm still lobbying for one of our EX get-togethers to be held in Oceanside one of these years!  It's an excellent city with an excellent beach and excellent little rental cottages on the beachfront and lots to do.  I can just see us all sitting on the beach with our umbrellas, a big cooler, dogs (chile dogs, anyone?) on the grill...and telling each other that WE use to look like THAT in a bathing suit as we watch the 20-somethings frolic.

In summary:  I got steroids (bad, but good), I feel much better now (great) and I got to hang with Dale (most excellent!!!!)

Love to all!  (Especially to Ellen, who totally gets me!)

xxxooo,  Sky