San Fran? Orlando?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Aug 7, 2014

Just got assigned a trip with a check-in time in DC at 4:45am.  And it's already almost midnight!  I had better get forty winks pretty quickly!

My layovers are in San Francisco and Orlando.  I'll be in Burlingame CA all day tomorrow, 8/7, (8:30am- 11pm).

After working the red-eye back to the East Coast, I'll be in downtown Orlando all day on 8/8 (7:30am until  7am the next morning, which is the 9th.

You guys know me.  My favorite thing is to find EXers in the cities where I lay over and get together with them.  I've met some incredible EXers and had some wonderful times in various cities.

So...who lives near Burlingame?  Or somewhere close that I can get to on the BART?

And who lives in Orlando...would that be Marilyn (marmac)????  Who else?

If there are any brand-new or semi-new EXers reading this, PLEASE don't be shy!  Send me a private message or just comment on this blog.

Don't make me sit in my hotel room...   ;-)

xxxooo,   Sky