Warning: This blog has nothing to do with smoking because sometimes you just need to think about something else, right?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Feb 17, 2014

I am watching too much HGTV.

If I hear the phrase "open concept" again, I'll go crazy.  When I'm doing my thing in the kitchen, I don't want everyone in the house to bother/watch me!  Seriously, why does someone who has been invited for dinner need to see the hostess draining the pasta?  Sheesh.

And why does eveyone hate carpet these days?  When did that happen?  When I was young, nice carpet throughout a house was a real selling point.  Nowadays, every home buyer acts like carpet carries leprosy!

And why are "popcorn" ceilings so hard to live with?  Just don't look up.

Don't even get me started on the non-negotiable need for a walk-in closet that is the size of my first post-college apartment!

Yes, indeed, I'm watching waaaay too much HGTV.  I guess I'll switch to the Food Network.

The most excellent thing is that I don't even think about smoking any more.  When I first quit, it was impossible to even imagine my life without cigarettes.  Now, smoking never even enters my mind and the "new normal" (that I didn't believe I could achieve) fits me like a glove!

Instead of worrying about smoking, I'm having trouble separating from HGTV.  All problems should be so terrible, right?  LOL

xxxooo,  Sky