500 Days!!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Feb 9, 2014

I hit 500 days today!  Woo Hoo!!!

On my Day One, I saw the blogs of people who had 50 days, 100 days, 365 days, 500 days under their belts.  It seemed impossible.  Even a week seemed like forever to me.  I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of never ever smoking again.

So I didn't.  I just decided to honor the commitment I'd made to myself on each day as it came along.  The days mounted up faster than I imagined they would.

And now, here I am at 500 days!!!  

So, to all the new Quitters, you CAN do this.  

Here's some advice for Newbies:

1)  Education is absolutely key.  Learn all you can about nicotine addiction and how it affects your brain.                              

2)  Read every single thing that is recommended to you by EXers.  It's all valuable.

3)  Prepare for your Quit before you actually quit.  You will want a list of "Things to Do When a Craving Hits".     You will also want to assemble a "Quit Kit" to keep near you.

4)  Banish the following concepts: trying, sacrificing, giving up, doing without, attempting.  Accept that "good luck" has nothing to do with a successful Quit.

5)  Think of your Quit this way:  "I have DECIDED to quit.  I am COMMITTED to my decision.  I will HONOR my commitment each and every day".

I am LOVIN' my 500 days!  Thanks to all the wonderful people here who helped me get there.  I love you!

xxxooo,  Sky