Countdown to ONE YEAR for my BFF Teddy/Joy!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 4, 2013

Tomorrow, on November 5, Joyeuxencore, hits her ONE YEAR mark! 

I know her as Teddy (because she is my friend in real life and because her real name is Theda), but I know many of you think of her as "Joy"  And what a PERFECT way to think of her.

It's hard to believe she's only been here on EX for one year, because of all the encouragement, wisdom and love (yes, definitely LOVE) that she brings here to all of us! 

What an incredible positive atmosphere Teddy creates here on EX just by being herself.  She makes sure to pass on the practical stuff (like links to Allen Carr), but she also makes sure to be the emotional rock that everyone knows they can lean on when they need an extra loving dose of "You CAN do this"!

I was reading some of Teddy's first blogs this afternoon because I wanted to find some quotes to compare the way Teddy felt when she first got here to EX to how she is such a strong Quitter today.  I couldn't have found a greater way to demonstrate to all of our new EXers how much can change in just one year!!

Here are some quotes from Teddy's earliest blogs:

"I feel absolutely terrified to be without cigarettes.Terrified. Like I am going crazy already".

"I would rather smoke than anything else. It's good to actually type that so I can witness the insanity going on between my ears."

"So incredible to have this support. I would not have made it 4 days otherwise.  Of that I am sure".

"I'm unbearably excited to be in my 9th smokefree day, however, the truth is I feel horrible physically...STILL: my joints ache, my legs have shooting pains at night my heart races when I can't sleep...I get extremely uncomfortable when the cravings hit like I'm going to scale skyscrapers like spiderman with my bare hands!".

THIS IS OUR JOYEUXENCORE????  Yes, it is.  Or rather, it WAS. 

I posted these quotes from her old blogs because I know that the most important thing in the world to her is to have a postive impact on make a DIFFERENCE in someone's life.

Teddy, you have NO idea how much of a difference you have made here on EX in just one year.  Yes, there are the folks that have quit for several years and they have invaluable advice for all of us.  You and I both respect and admire those EXers.  We are so grateful to know them and to benefit from their wisdom.

But...there are Newbies here every single day who look for someone who will "get" them.  Someone who has been where they are and has made it to where they want to be. Someone who is still close enough to where they are right now to still understand the fear and the uncertainty.  That's YOU, Teddy.

Yes, indeed, you may sound like someone who has never had a moment's doubt about quitting.The confidence and wisdom and caring you exude in your comments is incredibly solid!  Yet, I often tease you about being all flowers,crystals,rainbows and cute puppies.  (yeah, sorry, the whole yin/yang thing we laugh about, kiddo!)

So I think your greatest gift here on your ONE YEAR anniversary is to allow folks to know that even someone as wonderful as you started out (just like the rest of us) at a place of fear and uncertainty. 

And that YOU are a shining example of how someone can be unsure, be scared, be anxious, be angry, be scared...and still beat their nicotine addiction.

The best part is how you give back, Teddy.  When I grow up, I want to be just like you!  Happy ONE YEAR anniversary and welcome to the 6% Club.  I love the heck out of you.

xxxxxxxxxxoooooooo to my BFF,     Sky