But who AM I without cigarettes???

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 26, 2013

I've not been the best of advice-givers lately.  I've either been absent or blogging about my own broken body.

(I must inject some humor here.  I first typed "crapped-out body", which made me think of Imodium-AD.  So I changed it to "knocked-up body", which made me sound pregnant.  So I went with "broken"

I got a much-needed "whack-on-the-side-of-the-head" private message from Thomas yesterday that was filled with wisdom and really made me think about how I've been projecting here on EX.  So, as I said to Brenda M tonight, time to pull up my big girl panties and pin on my wings again!

In a blog today, dearest Sharon (Smorgy) (and I still want to know what that nickname is all about!!!) used some phrases such as "what will I do?", "can't live without it", etc.  It got me to thinking.... 

Isn't that the FIRST fear we all faced when we started seriously thinking about quitting?  Before we even thought about practical ways to deal with cravings and educating ourselves about nicotine addiction...didn't we ALL have the initial fears that sounded like this:  "But, who AM I if I'm not a "smoker?",  "What will I be like without cigarettes?",  "I go outside for a cigarette break every 30 minutes; it's what I DO", " I hate it, but cigarettes are a part of my IDENTITY."

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  We ALL felt that way in the very beginning; "I don't know who I will BECOME if I am not always planning for my next cigarette".

And THAT'S where this whole idea of a support group like EX starts to make sense.  When you decide not to lean on cigarettes anymore...lean on EX. 

Listen to the advice about what to read.  Make the effort to go to the links and to download the resources that EXers tell you will help you be successful.  Listen seriously when we tell you how to prepare for your Quit.  Do all the things that experienced Quitters recommend.  Depend upon those of us who have already achieved what you came here to achieve. 

And then stick close to EX, get to know some of us personally, and let us help you learn how to become a person who doesn't smoke anymore. 

Yup, Sky is back.  And ready to help ANYONE who thinks they can't do it.  If I did, YOU can.