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The Oregon EXcursion!

Posted by SkyGirl Aug 22, 2013

Leaving for the Portland airport now to go pick up jojo and freedom 38 (Kari)!  I couldn't be more EXcited!!!!

Unfortunately, Stacie had to cancel this morning because her husband's aunt passed away.  We feel terrible that she won't be here with us...but we shall catch a crab and eat it for her in absentia.

We will have three full days of fun on the Coast, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that life goes on after quitting!  And there's more fun to be had...because we won't be stopping to have a nasty smoke every 30 minutes!  Woohoo!!!

We'll be taking pictures and posting each night.  I wish ALL of you were here with us!!



Salty Lungs?

Posted by SkyGirl Aug 22, 2013

Today, I walked down to the beach just as I have done most days since I've been home on the Oregon Coast.

It's been so wonderful to walk briskly along the beach without getting winded or feeling like I have to stop and sit down on a driftwood log to have a smoke.  

The beach in Cape Meares is off the beaten path and at the end of a dead-end road in a tiny unincorporated community of only 150 houses.  Most tourists never find it.  Or even know it exists...  But once in a while an adventurous tourist will find their way to the Cape Meares beach.  

As I was finishing up my walk, a young couple came over the rocks and down on to the beach.  The woman was smoking.  We chatted and they told me they were from Oklahoma and had never seen an ocean before. They asked me a couple of questions about the beach after they learned that I live here in Cape Meares.  Then the wife said "Wow, here on the beach I can REALLY smell the salt in the air.  I told her "Yes, away from the towns and all their smells, you really can smell the salty air.  And sometimes, when it's misty, you can even taste the salt in the air!"

She took an extra deep drag on her cigarette.  Then she turned to me and said, "Wow, breathing all this salt air into your lungs must be really bad for them!"

The irony left me speechless.  I wish I had been able to come up with something clever that compared breathing fresh ocean air to breathing cigarette chemicals.  But I just said "All fresh air is good for you!" and headed on my way.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink...

xxxooo,   Sky

Newlife just posted a great blog about the children she sat for yesterday.  Her comparisons reminded me of an old blog of mine.


In the first few months of your Quit, try to think of your Quit as a newborn baby.

   During the first few days, you are like a brand new parent with your newborn Quit.  You are a little frightened, unsure, worried.  You think you may not be cut out for this. You panic easily.  Your Quit is tiny and helpless.  Your Quit can't make it all on its own yet.  Your Quit needs lots of attention.  You must watch carefully over your Quit.  Your Quit needs you to take good care of it.  Just like a real baby.
   So spend a lot of time nurturing your Quit.  Do the things you need to do to make sure your Quit stays healthy.  Spend a lot of time helping your Quit to grow stronger.  Just as you would do for a real baby.  Feed it healthy foods.  Take it for a walk.  Cuddle and coddle it when you first bring it home with you.
   You may need to cut back on your usual activities in order to take good care of your little Quit.
   Stay away from the places that might harm a newborn Quit.  Don't take your sweet little Quit into bars.  Don't take your precious Quit into the homes of smokers.  You wouldn't take a real baby to these places, would you?  Of course not.
   Hang around with other new parents of itty-bitty Quits for support.  Ask for the advice of older parents whose Quits are now toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers.  Listen to their advice; they've already raised good, strong Quits.
   Just as in the case of a real newborn baby, your Quit will grow every day.  It will become stronger and smarter.  It will learn to stand on its own without you having to cradle it in your arms all the time.  
   But not right away.  Right now, give your baby Quit what it needs to thrive.
   Like any child, it will always need your loving attention.  But as it grows up, it won't need your constant hovering devotion.  Maybe someday, it will only need a pat on the head or a kiss on the cheek to stay strong and tall.  Just remember to make your Quit always knows how much you love it and how you will always be there to protect it, no matter how old it gets.
   But until all that a parent can, and should, do to protect your precious newborn Quit.

I'm Still Alive!

Posted by SkyGirl Aug 14, 2013

Hi, Everyone.  I know I've been missing in action ever since I finally got to fly home to the Oregon Coast.  

My days here are a lot more full than they are when I'm just sitting in my condo in Washington, D.C. between flight assignments.  Hence, I've not been on EX a lot.   And I really miss you all!

it's always hard to get caught up on all the news and meet all the new folks after I've been gone for a few days!    But I have lurked a bit and commented a couple of times.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still alive.  And that I'm SO grateful for the people here on EX that helped me (and continue to inspire me!) to be an ex-smoker for the rest of my life!

xxxooo,   Sky