The Value of Lemons (A repost from my Day 18)

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Mar 28, 2013

Remember this?  I do.  I highly recommend biting lemons as a crave buster.  It saved my Quit more than once during those first difficult days.  Here's my "Tribute to My First Lemon" blog first posted on Day 18.

"Now that I've learned how to post photos, I wanted to offer a Tribute to My First Lemon.  During those really difficult first days of my Quit, my dear Lemon was always there for me.  There is truth in the statement that My First Lemon gave his life to help save my life.  Whenever an insane craving hit me during those tough first days of my Quit, I bit my Lemon.  I took this photo after the first bite and I think it looks like he was smiling.  Perhaps he was smiling because he was proud to be helping me keep my Quit.  By the time My First Lemon went to the Great Lemon Tree in the Sky, he looked more like scrambled eggs than a lemon.  He served me faithfully until the end.  There have been other lemons in my life since My First Lemon.  But I will always remember My First Lemon with love and gratitude..."