Day 182.5 = one half of a YEAR! Woohoo!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Mar 27, 2013

Hi, everyone!  I am busy like crazy, but I just wanted to come to EX and tell everyone that 11pm tonight (March 27), I will have had my freedom from smoking for a half year!

I am so happy with my new life and all the wonderful changes that beating nicotine has brought in my life.  

My very favorite thing about being a non-smoker is really a very tiny thing compared to some of the larger concepts of getting healthy, saving money, etc.  

But when My Beloved grabs up a handful of my hair, buries his face in it and tells me how great my hair smells nowadays...that does more to reinforce my Quit more than any extra dollars do!

Newbies, I would not have believed that I could quit smoking and, six months later, have gotten to a point where I almost never even THINK about cigarettes!  So, even if you find it very very very difficult at first, please hang in there.  I could have been voted the "Person Least Likely to Successfully Quit" before I found EX.  But when I came to EX, I did every single thing that the Elders and EXperts told me would help me to succeed.  I read all the recommended reading and did all the tracking and separation exercises.  I got  a little tote bag and put together a "Quit Kit" that contained all the things I would need to occupy my brain and my hands when a craving hiit.  Even when the suggestions EXers gave me make me think "Seriously? You really think that THAT will help me???", I DID IT ANYWAY.

And guess what?  I quit.  I am a non-smoker.  And it feels amazing.  

No matter who you are or what your situation is, you CAN quit.  It starts with making the DECISION to quit.  Then you COMMIT to that decision, no matter what happens.  And then you HONOR that decision every single day, minute by minute if that's what it takes in the beginning.   You gut it through the early days, and then you start to enjoy the days that the cravings aren't so bad.  Then you rejoice on the day that you wake up and realize that you don't remember the exact number of days you have under your belt!  You just keep on honoring your commitment to quitting as the days mount up.  And then the very best day comes...and that is the day that you no longer just feel like a smoker who has quit.  But rather, you really feel like a non-smoker.  And, boy, does that feel great!

So, yay me for half of a year!  (Darn, I should have hopped on the Freedom Train and pigged out!!)

xxxooo,   Sky