About the EX Get-Together in Las Vegas...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Mar 22, 2013

I was getting ready to make my hotel reservations tonight for the EX "convention" at Harrah's in Las Vegas tonight...and I got to wondering about some of the details and about people's plans.

How many people have already made plans to be there?   The EX Group called "Las Vegas Trip, May 2013" shows ten members, but I have to believe that more of us want to be there, right?  Who wants to come but isn't sure about the expense?

I know that the cost of both a flight and a hotel room can be prohibitive.  I do have many Companion Passes for my friends to use, but being able to use them depends upon flights having empty seats available.  And during the prime Spring Break months of April and May, unsold seats are few and far between.  Especially to destinations like Las Vegas. 

Which is not to say that my Companion Passes (which give my friends standby status for any empty seats at a really really low price) might not work for some of you.  It's just not a sure thing.  So I hesitate to offer them.  I'd  hate for someone to sit at the airport for hours on standby status and never get on a flight to meet us in Las Vegas.

But perhaps I could offer something else to EXers who could manage the cost of the flights but not the additional cost of a hotel room.  I would be happy to book one of the Executive Suites, if there is anyone who would be willing to share space.  I would, of course, pay for the Suite, but I wouldn't be averse if anyone staying in the room wanted to throw a twenty at me!  In the Harrah's suites, there is a separate bedroom (DIBS!!!), a sleeper sofa in the living room and lots of room for a couple of rollaway beds.  Just try to think of it as a throwback to a slumber party!!!  How much fun would THAT be?   

Having an Executive Suite would also mean that we'd have a large (680 sq ft) place to hold a private get-together/party, too. There is a large living area with tables & chairs, big screen tv and a full wet bar with refrigerator.  A perfect place for us, right?

I just want this Vegas trip to be a huge success.  I've gotten spoiled by flying for free for so many years.  Why not let me put what I save by not having to pay for the flights into a great space that will allow some EXers to come to Vegas AND give us a great place to party?????

Just saying...  Please don't be shy about PMing me if this is something that might help you.  If nobody responds, I'll feel like an idiot for even bringing it up.