Hi, Everyone!!!! I'm back!!!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Mar 3, 2013

I've missed you all SO much!  I guess I forgot to blog that My Beloved and I were going to Costa Rica for a very long vacation.

It was AMAZING.  We stayed in a wonderful place on the Golfo de Papagayo on northwestern coast of Guanacaste Province called The Vista Bahia. 

We've been kayaking and hiking.  We've been ziplining over the jungle canopy and over canyons.  We've been rafting and tubing down whitewater rapids.  We've been swimming, sunning and getting couples massages.  We've been eating wonderful local Costa Rican cuisine.  We've been soaking in the mud baths and hot springs at the base of the Arenal volcano.  We've been fishing and taking moonlight cruises.  I've been wearing sundresses, flipflops and no makeup for two weeks. It was heavenly.

What I HAVEN'T been doing is smoking.  Day 158.  Woo hoo!!! is everyone?  Did I miss anything? 

So many new names here!  I'd better get busy getting to know all the new people, hadn't I?  I'll start by saying "Welcome!!!!" to all the people who joined EX while I've been gone.  Congratulations to ALL of you for making one of the smartest decisions you will ever make for yourself.  I hope I can be helpful to you in some way. 

Bite a lemon, everybody!  (Btw, it's a good thing I wasn't in Costa Rica when I quit because there are NO LEMONS in Costa Rica.  None.  Only limes.)