Day 112: Romancing the Cheese...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jan 16, 2013

Hey, Folks!  Do you find yourself "romancing the cigarette" tonight?  Are you thinking that just one cigarette would be wonderful, would satisfy you, would help you relax, would be all you needed to feel "better"???  

Well, stop it.  You are mistaken.  "Just one" little cigarette will blow your Quit and all the hard work you've made it through so far.  And it might not be "just one" because cigarettes travel in packs.

AND...because I have a better idea.  Let's romance CHEESE!!!

Oooey, gooey macaroni & cheese...

Creamy, warm baked brie in pastry...


C'mon folks, I know you want cheese! 

xxxooo,  Sky