Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jan 10, 2013

I was making pasta for lunch  (vegan mac & cheese...but that's a whole 'nother blog.  Yuck!)  The timer said the pasta still had to boil for six and a half minutes.  Out of NOWHERE, my brain said to me, "That's just enough time to smoke a cigarette.  Let's go out to the patio.  Where are your cigarettes?"  Out of the blue, I wanted a cigarette! 

Not badly. I wouldn't even call it a craving.  More like an ingrained response to having 6 free minutes.   It was more the surprise factor that took my breath away for a second.  I knew that I could still have that kind of an automatic thought at Day 106, because I'm in No Man's Land, but nevertheless, I was taken aback.

But I booted that thought and peeled a Clementine orange instead.

I don't smoke anymore.  I don't want THIS anymore:

YUCK.  Or this...


Well, now patio smoking haven never looked THAT bad!  But I hope you all get a sensory sense of disgust at those photos.  Yuck.