Day 99: <---------'Nuff said!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jan 3, 2013

Just a quick blog before I leave Jackson Hole, WY for a grueling 13 hour duty day of flying.  Good thing I love my job.

About how I got to Day 99:

I made a decision to quit.

I committed to that decision, no matter how I felt during the process.

And I never wavered.  Not once.  It wasn't easy.  Sorry, Allen Carr.  It wasn't.

But I quit.  This was my FIRST "try".  And it worked because I never saw failure as a choice.

And because I never SAW it as a"try". 

It was a commitment I made.  And I live up to my commitments.

You can, too.  My addiction was no less severe and life-crippling than YOURS is.

You CAN do it.  It's all in about the way you THINK about quitting.