Day 61: I wouldn't be here without YOU...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 28, 2012

I was flying yesterday (Portland, OR, to Chicago to New Orleans). It was a long day.

We layover at the Hilton Airport in New Orleans.  It has a LOVELY courtyard, just perfect for smoking...padded lounge chairs and ashtrays.

But I don't smoke anymore.  (Yay, me!)

So I spent the 17 hour layover in my room, catching up on my sleep and wishing that I'd EXed that I'd be in New Orleans all day.  I would have LOVED to have met someone from EX here in New Orleans.

But, back to the title of this blog...  I wouldn't be here without YOU.  There are SO many people I could say this to and mean it with every fiber of my being. 

There are the people who were here, SOLID, when I first logged on to  Those people would be Frogue, Dale, Break, jojo, Youngatheart, Mike n @lanta, Pir8fan, Maggie, Ima Deer, Thomas and SOOO many others (please forgive me for not mentioning everyone who helped me when I first arrived...)  Nancy, you get a special shoutout...xxxooo...(and not because we are founding members of The Non-Smoking Nancies).

Then there are the people who arrived here on EX about the same time I did...Brenda M (GIRL, we rock!), Jordan (you are special to me!), joyeuxencore, Junior, Freedom, and so many others...  I so GET where we are together in our Quits.  I will do anything to keep my Quit and to help you guys keep yours.  I promise.

And to the Newbies:  I was a Newbie not so long ago.  I came here and blogged about feeling like the "new kid" who wanted desperately to sit at the "popular kids' table".  And guess what I found out!  We are ALL "new kids" when we come here to quit smoking.  And what is so wonderfully different about the junior high lunchroom and EX is that NOBODY here ever feels left out or unimportant! If you are just arriving at this site, jump in with your whole heart, blog like crazy, make friends and your Quit will be SOOOO much easier.

I'm just lovin' the heck out of tonight.  Yup.  This place is amazing.  Don't you guys agree???