Meeting Brenda M!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 16, 2012

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I had a wonderful time tonight with Brenda M!  What a little spitfire that woman is!  What is that those silly tshirts say, "I'm not short, I'm Fun Size!".  Well, THAT'S our 4'10" Bundle 'O Energy, Brenda M!

Yes, she's right, I was late.  Driving in rush hour in DC is suicidal.  It took me TWO hours to drive 13.9 miles.  I don't know how commuters do it.  I'm sure glad MY highway is at 36,000 feet!

We hugged like crazy (it was like hugging an American Girl doll; she's so TINY!), ordered our wine, complained about our weight to each other and then promptly ordered four deep-fried appetizers.  Yum.

She's an amazing woman; you should HEAR all the things she does!  So talented and open-hearted!  And guess what?  She's a non-smoker!  Woohoo!  Through the window at our table, we saw the people standing shivering in the cold outside, smoking.  We agreed it was a VERY good thing not to have to do THAT anymore.

On our way to our cars, we asked a complete stranger to take one last picture of us.  We agreed to get together again before she moves to Indiana.

It was a VERY, VERY good evening!  (More EXers should get together, I think...)