Day 50! (albeit belated) The Lemon-Biter Speaketh...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 16, 2012

Actually, Day 50 was yesterday, but I was so excited to get together with Brenda M in real life, that I forgot what day it was.  So, I'm pretending it's still my Day 50 and I hopped on the Freedom Train for the first time!!! 

No more riding my Freedom Tricycle in mad circles on my patio anymore!  I'm on the big-girl ride now!

I notice there are a lot of Newbies in the last few days.  And a lot of us may overloading you guys with suggestions about how to handle craves.  Each of us has a favorite crave-buster that we believe is the absolute BEST one.

I, however, DO have the very best crave-buster!  Hahaha!  I am known here as The Lemon-Biter.  When I first came here, I saw that suggestion and I thought it was something that EVERYONE did.  So I carried a lemon around with me in a baggie.  When a crave hit, I bit the lemon, peel and all.  OMG.  That fresh lemon juice in your mouth will stop any crave dead in its tracks.  I promise.  By the end of the second day, I made a joke here that my poor lemon looked more like scrambled eggs from many bites.

Here's a picture of the very first bite of my lemon on my Day 1.  Try it, Newbies.  It SO works!

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