Day 48: What's up, Doc?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 14, 2012

My appointment with the pulmonologist is tomorrow morning at 10:30am.  I'm terrified.

I got the referral from my regular doctor when I told him I wanted to quit.  He said this pulmonologist held clinics for quitting smoking.   That was a long time ago, maybe 6 months or so, and I never called for an appointment.

Then I found you guys here on EX, did the work, and QUIT.  But when I still felt short of breath for no apparent reason after Day 30, I went ahead and made the appointment. 

So tomorrow, I guess I'm going to find out if I've done irreparable damage to myself.  Kinda scary.  No.  Very scary.

But after THAT, something GREAT is going to happen!!  I'm meeting Brenda M for drinks and dinner in DC.  I can't wait!  Don't worry, folks, I'm bringing my camera.  So you'll get to see all the fun we had. 

And SOMEBODY up in Baltimore (you know who you are, youngatheart.  Oops, I outed you.) will wish she had been there after all.  BUT... that just gives me a reason to drive up to Baltimore soon to have lunch with youngatheart!  Then...I want to fly up to Philly for an afternoon to hang out with jojo!

So even if I get bad news from the doc tomorrow, I'll be okay.  Because life goes on.  And it goes on a WHOLE lot better and longer without cigarettes.  And with lots of EX friends to meet in person!

(But, I'm still scared to go to the doctor tomorrow.)