Nancy said this...(she's amazing!!!!!)

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 10, 2012

You guys all know Nancy Expert???  I was just browsing blogs and comments and saw the most amazing thing she said!

"There is no JUST ONE cigarette.  That is why they travel in packs."

I don't know if this is something Nancy heard elsewhere or if it was her own thought, but I love it.

It's a really way of summing up that simple concept that a lot of us fall for:  "I can just have this one cigarette", we CAN'T. 

Not a lot of folks here know this, but I lost a TWENTY-THREE YEAR Quit.

I got over-confident, forgot what addiction was, and thought I could smoke just this ONE cigarette.  Almost four years later, I had to beat the nicotine addiction all over again.  I'm finishing up Day 44.

So don't be fooled just because you have quit.  You can smoke one .  But after that, you will also smoke hundreds and hundreds of other cigarettes.  I KNOW you don't want to do that, whoever you are.