Day 43, Part Deux: Mechanical issues = No Reno

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 9, 2012

Well, it's a good thing nobody made it to Reno to have dinner with me, because I never made it to Reno.  

My plane had mechanical problems between DC and Denver.  The crew desk used a different plane with a different crew to go on to Reno and my crew ended up laying over in downtown Denver at the Sheraton on the 16th Street Mall.  

It just occurred to me that I should have come on here and asked if any EXers lived in the Denver area when I got to my hotel room at 2pm.  Then I might have done something more soul-satisfying than watch a "Brides of Beverly Hills" marathon on TLC...  Lol

I know I should be talking about quitting-related topics, but I think it feels very cool that cigarettes were the last thing on my mind when I came here to blog tonight.  I mean, cigarettes were uppermost in my life before I quit. And it is a revelation to have them be a non-issue!!!!!