Day 43 (because it's after midnight in DC...): RENO, anyone?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Nov 9, 2012

Hey, my dear EXers!  I just got a call from the Crew Desk and I'm working a flight at 7am out of DC in the morning (Friday). 

I'll be going through Denver and ending up in Reno at 2pm for a 16 hour layover.

So...any EXers live near Reno?  Want to meet me at the Silver Legacy Casino Hotel for dinner?

It'll be like a mini-practice for the big EXer meeting in Las Vegas next year, right????

Let me know.  I'll check this site when I get to Denver and again when I get to Reno.  If no EXers live near Reno, then I'll end up sitting in my hotel room, worrying about why my sense of smell isn't getting any better yet.  (See my last blog to understand that comment...)