Day 30: But not a celebration unless my friends are okay, too...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 27, 2012

I was busy all day, and couldn't wait to come home and post a blog about how this was my thirtieth day of freedom and prance around about how proud of myself I was feeling and aren't I wonderful and a lot of other self-aggrandising crap.

Then, I finally found time to get online tonight and all I see was how horrible a day my dear Jordan has gone through.  And all the help she got from everyone.  And how she didn't smoke because of all of you wonderful, amazing people here on EX.  And I wasn't here for her.

There are people here we feel like we connect with for no logical reason.  And I felt like I "got" Jordan from the moment she showed up on this site with wanting to quit and then all the horrible stuff about Christina.  And I've marveled at how her blogs have changed over the last few weeks; she's seemed to become so strong so fast. Please, please hang in there, Jordan.  Don't smoke.  Please. I want you to wake up and know that you haven't given up all these days you fought for...

Sometimes I think "well, maybe I'm just a kind of a loser here, plugging along, trying to be funny in my blogs, trying to not want a cigarette even though I do want one, my advice and encouragement is just sort of a front for the fact that I'm not doing as well as other quitters...".I hope that isn't true.  I guess if Jordan or ANYONE wakes up with their Quit still good because I've what I've said here, then I'm happy.

(And not to be too light-hearted now after that blog , but I'm riding the 30-Day Tricycle to bed!!!!  Not "old" enough for the Freedom Train, but I'm getting there!!!!  I love you all!  xxxooo