Day 17: The Flighty Girl is Baaaack!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 13, 2012

Hi,everyone!  I haven't blogged in five long days!  I've been enjoying my time here in Oregon, eating everything in sight, and wondering if I'll fit into my uniform when it's time to go back to work in a few days.

I MIGHT be being a tad difficult to get along with once in a while as my body and psyche readjusts.  Here's how I know this:  I told Jeff I hadn't been blogging here because I couldn't think of anything interesting or funny to say.  He said, "Why not just post that you are not smoking and that you are glad to be alive?"  He paused a second.  Then he added, "...and that your boyfriend cannot guarantee that you will be alive much longer...".  His lopsided grin and big smooshy kiss was all that saved him from a grisly death at the hands of his loving newly non-smoking slightly testy girlfriend.

I also know that I'm perhaps, perchance, just maaaaybe a bit "off"  because of last night's dinner.  The menu was Hazelnut-crusted Salmon, Crispy Potato Galette and Ginger & Scallion Roasted Carrots.  "Go enjoy some television, Darling", I called out gaily when Jeff got home.  "Relax, it'll all be ready in 45 minutes"  I said cheerfully, "I'll bring it in to the family room!"  Yup.  An hour and a half later, poor Jeff got a burned frozen pizza on a paper plate flung down on the coffee table in front of him.  He looked at the black edges of the pizza looked up at me in my crossed-arms defensive stance...and blinked.  That's all.  He just blinked.  I burst into tears and fled to the kitchen to make myself a large vodka tonic.  (Drinking alcohol is not, and never has been, a trigger for me, thank goodness!)  I've decided to give up cooking (which I love and am usually very competent at) until further notice.  Jeff actually seemed relieved when I told him that dinner tonight was hot dogs and bagged salad.  Chef Sky Girl is hanging up her apron until further notice.  (And for those of you who've been reading my blogs for a while, that damned pot roast finally got pitched last night...ewww.)

I have something slightly more inspirational to offer than the above palaver (new word; google it when you get an urge.).  In my flight training, we are taught that "People will forget what you did.  People will forget what you said.  But they will always remember how you made them FEEL".  It is my fervent hope that my presence here, my blogs, my messages, my inbox notes, my responses ALWAYS let everyone here know how very very very much I care about all of the people I've made contact with.  I have been through many things in my life that involved contacts with groups of people.  But, never before, under any circumstances, have I EVER met a group of strangers who so quickly identified with each other and so completely and earnestly cared about each others' feelings and success.  Thank GOD we have each other.

Btw, quitting sucks at times.  But I'm so glad I have my quit and I won't give it up for ANYTHING.  Not even a decently-prepared meal.  Jeff might, though.  No, Just KIDDING.  He's my biggest supporter.  I wonder how many more foot rubs I can get out of him before he figures out that foot rubs have nothing whatsoever to do with my maintaining my Quit!  Aaaahahahahahah!