Day Nine! That's, like, almost all my fingers!!!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 5, 2012

I spent my Day Nine trying to encourage and support and love all the other people here on this site.  Whoa, that sounds kinda scary new-agey.  Ok, let me rephrase.  I didn't have any cravings that knocked me down and so I could concentrate on making other folks feel stronger.

@ Brenda M (aka nancy#4):   NO. Jeff and I do not look like Barbie & Ken.  We look like "American Gothic".  (Good catch on the kittens' names, though!)  I would post pics if I could ever figure it out.

Thanks, DeirdeD:  What a nice compliment!

NancyExpert:  Where do you live?  Can you join us for dinner in late October in the DC or Baltimore area? (answer privately if you are all shy...)

Greatest Thought of the Day:  Cherry Fritters are better than Blueberry Fritters.  And BOTH are better with morning coffee than cigarettes...which only come in the flavor called, "Nasty Black Ashy Soot".  Hmmm.  Which flavor should I pick???  Duh.