Day Six: Thoughts on Cigarettes, Oysters & Liver...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 2, 2012

I wasn't going to blog today because I really had nothing to say other than I'm not smoking and I'm handling the craves.  

But I was reading a blog that Thomas posted today about loving yourself.  In that blog, he described cigarettes as "dried leaves wrapped in paper and dipped in 4000+ chemicals".  

And I got to thinking...  What if you didn't KNOW what a cigarette was and someone showed one to you and gave you that description of it?  Would it even occur to you to stick it in your mouth, light it on fire and then breathe in the fumes?  So...I have to wonder about the first person who ever DID that?  Why would they think that sounds like an enjoyable thing to do?

Which got me thinking about other things that people did for the first time.  For instance, what do you suppose motivated the first person who ever pried open an oyster shell, looked at the grey slimy thing inside and said, "Mmmm.  That looks delicious!  I'll just slurp that thing down.  What a delicacy!"  ???  

What about the first person who looked at a beef liver, and said "This is the organ that filters out all the toxins in the cow's body.  Let's eat THAT!"  ???

Well, for some folks (not me!), the oyster and liver thing works out fine.  Bon Appetit!  But the cigarette thing NEVER works out fine for anyone, EVER.   I am SO glad that I will never smoke another cigarette ever again in  my entire lifetime.   

P.S.  And WHO pulled up an ugly, snapping, bottom-feeding crab out of the water and said, "Oh, yummy!" ???  Although, in that particular case, I'm glad they did.  I love crab.