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I came to this site because I wanted to quit smoking.  I recognized that many of the people here had already done the thing that I wanted to do.  So I read what they told me to read.  I did the tracking exercises.  I went to the other sites that were recommended.  I was a STUDENT and I learned how I could stop being a nicotine addict. 

It was like a lightbulb went off the day that I GOT it. 

I understood COMMITMENT instead of "trying", "attempting", "hoping".

I understood taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY instead of wishing for "luck", and blaming "stress", "weakness" or "being around smokers".

I understood seeing quitting as FREEDOM instead of seeing it as "sacrifice", "giving up", "suffering through" or "losing" something.

When I quit, it wasn't "EASY".  Sorry, Allen Carr, it wasn't.  But I had a whole new way of thinking about it and that made it EASIER.

No, I'm not an Elder.  I'm not an EXpert.  I only have 34 days under my belt.  But I have more than that.   I have the knowledge, the understanding, the thinking, the confidence to know that I will never ever smoke again. 

And I have all that because I LISTENED to the people here and I FOLLOWED their advice.  Thank you, EXers!!!  You have literally saved my life.  xxxooo

img alt="" src="" />We are starting to see some of the first damage here in the DC area.  This tree destroyed a car but, thank goodness, no one was injured.

I don't think we will be hit very hard.  The highest winds are predicted to be at Dulles and Leesburg, both of which are just a few miles from where I am.  The hightest winds recorded so far here are only 50mph.

Over 60,000 homes have lost power in the area around DC, but we still have power.  I made beef stew and baked cornbread this afternoon.  We should be just fine.


Day 32: "Grandma did whaaat?"

Posted by SkyGirl Oct 28, 2012

img alt="" src="" />"Daddy, did you hear what Grandma just said????  She quit smoking!!!  Yippee!"

Ahahahahah!   Youngatheart said the funniest thing to me last night!  She said she remembered when I was "just a lemon-biting Newbie".  I'm still rolling around laughing over that! 

And it got me thinking...has ANYONE here other than me actually used that technique?  When I first arrived on this site, it seemed like that was one of the common crave-busters that people talked about, along with mints, celery, gum, water, etc. 

But when Young made that comment, it made me realize that I have NEVER heard anyone other than ME talk about actually sinking my teeth into a whole lemon.  Not once, but over and over and over again those first few days. 

I tell ya, folks, it WORKS.  My mouth is puckering up right now as I'm thinking about it.  I will NEVER drink lemonade ever again.  I may not ever squeeze lemon over fish ever again, either.  But it got me through those first days, and it's a technique I sincerely endorse to any of you folks just starting your Quit. 

So, picture this:  We're all sitting in a circle at a support group.  It's my turn to speak.  I stand up, take a big breath, and announce, "My name is Sky Girl...and I'm a lemon-biter"   AAAahahahahahahahhaha.

Btw, I'm still riding my 30-Day Freedom Tricycle around in circles on my patio!.  I think when I get to the 40-Day mark, I'll upgrade to a Freedom Riding Mower.  I have a big Radio Flyer wagon I'm towing behind my Freedom Tricycle if anyone wants to hop in!!!  Day 1, Day 7, Day 14, Day 21, Day 24 1/2, whatever!!!  The Freedom Train is for those  REALLY big landmark days.  But that doesn't mean we can't take a ride, too, eh?

Woo-hoo, I'm pedaling my Freedom Tricycle as fast as I can and the wind is blowing my hair back like a Heidi Klum fashion advertisement, Baby!  Have a great day, everyone.  (East Coasters, put on your rainboots!)

I was busy all day, and couldn't wait to come home and post a blog about how this was my thirtieth day of freedom and prance around about how proud of myself I was feeling and aren't I wonderful and a lot of other self-aggrandising crap.

Then, I finally found time to get online tonight and all I see was how horrible a day my dear Jordan has gone through.  And all the help she got from everyone.  And how she didn't smoke because of all of you wonderful, amazing people here on EX.  And I wasn't here for her.

There are people here we feel like we connect with for no logical reason.  And I felt like I "got" Jordan from the moment she showed up on this site with wanting to quit and then all the horrible stuff about Christina.  And I've marveled at how her blogs have changed over the last few weeks; she's seemed to become so strong so fast. Please, please hang in there, Jordan.  Don't smoke.  Please. I want you to wake up and know that you haven't given up all these days you fought for...

Sometimes I think "well, maybe I'm just a kind of a loser here, plugging along, trying to be funny in my blogs, trying to not want a cigarette even though I do want one, my advice and encouragement is just sort of a front for the fact that I'm not doing as well as other quitters...".I hope that isn't true.  I guess if Jordan or ANYONE wakes up with their Quit still good because I've what I've said here, then I'm happy.

(And not to be too light-hearted now after that blog , but I'm riding the 30-Day Tricycle to bed!!!!  Not "old" enough for the Freedom Train, but I'm getting there!!!!  I love you all!  xxxooo

Day 27 and Sky Girl is a NON-SMOKER.  Honestly, it's not easy every single minute, but I am just so proud of myself, I think I'd better dress up like a peacock for Halloween and go strut my stuff...yup, that's an image: a 57 year-old lady in a peacock costume
!  Ok, banish that image right now, please.

Here's what I REALLY came here to say:  I was bantering with stonecipher (someday, she's going to explain that username to me...) and the topic of Pink Floyd lyrics came up.  I was rusty on the lyrics, even though a great fan of them back in the day.  Stone referenced "Have a Cigar" and the irony was not lost on us.

But then I remembered a song called "One Slip", which has some lyrics that made me think about what it would be like to give up my Quit and start smoking again.  Read and see if you agree...

"One slip and down the hole we fall, it seems to take no time at all.
  A momentary lapse of reason that binds a life to a life..."

Wow, I'm so deep tonight!  Not your usual Sky Girl, eh?  Just don't smoke.  I won't if you won't.  Actually, I won't even if you do...but you get my supportive meaning, right?

P.S. Brenda M: Don't give up on me...we WILL find a workable date.  Youngatheart, start your engine...if you can quit, you can brave the traffic to DC.  Stone, I'm flying to Philly one of these days.  And, btw, has anyone seen CindyMac recently??

Here I am, on Day 24 now.  Some days are good, some days are better, a couple of days have almost completely sucked.   And I got to thinking...(uh oh, here we go again...)

Here's what some of the sources say:  Just 20 minutes after my last cigarette, my blood pressure started to go back to normal and my pulse rate began to go down to normal levels.  The temperature of my hands and feet began to increase.  (Really?  Were my feet and hands cold?  I didn't know that.  But I've been in a perpetual hot flash for over seven years now and I don't think any part of my body has been cold that entire time.  But I'll take the experts' word on it, I guess.)

Eight hours after my last cigarette, the carbon monoxide levels in my blood dropped to normal levels and my oxygen blood levels are increasing.  Sounds GREAT!  (The whole idea of carbon monoxide in my bloodstream makes me envision myself kneeling at my car's exhaust pipe, inhaling.  That's not too far from the truth,is it?)

24 hours after my last cigarette, my chance of having a heart attack started to go down. Not by much yet, but the risk goes down more and more with each and every day I don't smoke.  Wow.  I'm liking THAT, since my mom died of a heart attack.  (She wasn't a smoker, her heart disease was actually a result of rheumatic fever as a child in the 1920's, but still...the idea of a heart attack terrifies me so I like this particular benefit.)

48 hours after my last cigarette, my damaged nerve endings are starting to regrow.  (Wait. Damaged nerve endings?  Where?)  And my senses of taste and smell are starting to return to normal, although that will take some time, too.  I haven't actually noticed that yet, but I do find myself in the line at Subway a lot lately.

72 hours after my last cigarette, my body would test 100% free of nicotine!.  Woo-hoo!  (Where does one go to actually get this test?)  My bronchial tubes are starting to relax (I wish my neck muscles would, too!) and my lung capacity is starting to increase already although I don't notice it yet, especially when lugging suitcases up flights of stairs and heaving them into overhead bins...

Ten days after I quit smoking, my daily cravings are seriously reduced, usually to only 2-3 per day.  And the blood circulation in my gums and teeth is the same as a non-smoker.  (Blood circulation in my TEETH?  I know it's true, but that just sounds weird, doesn't it?)

Two weeks after my last cigarette, walking is becoming easier. Hmm. Perhaps I should try taking a walk?  Coughing and wheezing is reduced.  (I do notice THAT. Big improvement and that feels wonderful!)  Phlegm production decreases. Ewww...'nuff said.

Three weeks after my last cigarette,"Brain acetylcholine receptor counts that were up-regulated in response to nicotine's presence have now down-regulated and receptor binding has now returned to levels seen in the brains of non-smokers." Um, yeah.  What he said.

Okay, so here's my issue:  I'm loving all these improvements.  I am SO happy that my brain acetylcholine receptor counts are all good again.  But I'm remembering how everyone told me that it was going to be a whole new life without smoking and that everything in my life was going to improve.  Now, don't get me wrong; I'm very happy about the blood circulation in my TEETH.

But, if my "whole life" is getting better, how come I'm still getting runs in my nylons?  Why won't my hair curl the way I want it to?  Why do I still hate beets?  How come nobody else takes out the garbage?  Why haven't I gotten a raise yet? I have a hangnail.  Sheesh.

C'mon, you guys!  You said my whole life would improve, right??  I'm still waiting for proof of that in the form of a bathroom that magically cleans itself.  Harrrumph. 

I guess you all expect me to just SETTLE for being healthier, living longer and having more self-respect??

Yes. Yes. YES.  I will be extremely happy to "settle" for that.  Thank you.  I love each and every single one of you who takes the time to encourage me in my Quit.  xxxooo   ;-) 

So many thoughts...

Okay, this first thought is just stupid, but I'll bet some of you out there will understand this.  I'm finishing up Day 22.  When I first quit and was posting, "Day One", "Day Two", "Day Three", etc, I felt so SPECIAL.  Like I was the only one who ever quit and made it through those days. I had SO much support from this site and I was stuck like glue here to read every word that anyone said to me.  When I was in those early days, I read the blogs from people who were on Day 20,24,28,31, etc. And let me be perfectly honest (despite the character flaws I may be exhibiting here), I thought those people had it MADE.  Why were they still blogging???  If you could quit for 20 or 30 days, well, then, you had this nicotine thing BEAT, right?  But, when you're a brand-new Quitter, you get so much love and attention!  Wow, somebody should just jump in and cover my mouth now.  But you guys know that I'll just talk until I've said what I'm thinking, so sit back, read, and start composing your

I thought I'd be so OVER smoking by Day 22.  Three weeks and one day!  Sheesh, I'm like IRONMAN to get this far. In the past two weeks, I've been able to just haughtily brush off the smoking impulses when they occur: "Oh, pullleeeeze.  I don't smoke.  Go elsewhere, you silly urge". 

So HOW IS IT that on Day 22, it all started to feel like Day One again???  I'll tell you how.  My Day One was the first day of a three-day trip (I'm a flight attendant), so that made it easier.  When I finished my three-day trip, I went straight from DC to my other home on the coast of Oregon, where I remained for 18 days of vacation with the full support of my Beloved (stupid word, but boooyfriend is a silly word at my age..and I don't care WHAT I call him because he is the best non-smoking support I could ever want!). 

I flew home to DC late last night.  And today, Day 22, felt like I was starting all over again, with the HABITS and the EMOTIONS.  Thank goodness, not with the PHYSICAL.  I understand it, intellectually, but that doesn't make it easier.  It is here in DC, at my condo, that I have my strongest associations/triggers with smoking.  I'm embarrassed that I thought I could conquer this addiction so easily within a few weeks.  I wanted to smoke a cigarette tonight.  It wasn't that any particular craving was so intense.  It was more that the cravings kept coming in waves and I felt like I was being bombarded and I wanted to give in.  But, I didn't.  I have made sure that cigarettes are not accessible.  But I do feel pride in myself that I could have driven to the 7-11, but I did NOT. Why not? Because I don't WANT to be a smoker.  Because I don't smoke.  Because my Quit is SO important to me.  Because I am stronger than the nicotine.  Because I want to be healthier, breathe more deeply, age less quickly and smell better to the people who hug and kiss me.  These are not small reasons, are they?

But, re-read my blog title again, and if anyone feels like being Day One-type sweet to me again tonight, I'd be loving it so much...  I'm like a kitten; scratch me and I'll purr loudly.  LOL  (Crap.  You should not ground Sky Girl; I make so much more sense when I'm in the air.  I think.)   xxxooo

Now that I've learned how to post photos, I wanted to offer a Tribute to My First Lemon.  During those really difficult first days of my Quit, my dear Lemon was always there for me.  There is truth in the statement that My First Lemon gave his life to help save my life.  Whenever an insane craving hit me during those tough first days of my Quit, I bit my Lemon.  I took this photo after the first bite and I think it looks like he was smiling.  Perhaps he was smiling because he was proud to be helping me keep my Quit.  By the time My First Lemon went to the Great Lemon Tree in the Sky, he looked more like scrambled eggs than a lemon.  He served me faithfully until the end.  There have been other lemons in my life since My First Lemon.  But I will always remember My First Lemon with love and gratitude...

Wore this on my uniform back on Day One (Sept 27).  You would not BELIEVE how many people noticed it and congratulated me on the smartest decision I've ever made.  I would seriously recommend wearing a similar "button" to any Newbie. The wonderful things people said to me on that difficult first day really made a difference in how I felt about what I was doing.  It helped me remember that I was GAINING something wonderful, not sacrificing or suffering the loss of something I wanted...

Hi,everyone!  I haven't blogged in five long days!  I've been enjoying my time here in Oregon, eating everything in sight, and wondering if I'll fit into my uniform when it's time to go back to work in a few days.

I MIGHT be being a tad difficult to get along with once in a while as my body and psyche readjusts.  Here's how I know this:  I told Jeff I hadn't been blogging here because I couldn't think of anything interesting or funny to say.  He said, "Why not just post that you are not smoking and that you are glad to be alive?"  He paused a second.  Then he added, "...and that your boyfriend cannot guarantee that you will be alive much longer...".  His lopsided grin and big smooshy kiss was all that saved him from a grisly death at the hands of his loving newly non-smoking slightly testy girlfriend.

I also know that I'm perhaps, perchance, just maaaaybe a bit "off"  because of last night's dinner.  The menu was Hazelnut-crusted Salmon, Crispy Potato Galette and Ginger & Scallion Roasted Carrots.  "Go enjoy some television, Darling", I called out gaily when Jeff got home.  "Relax, it'll all be ready in 45 minutes"  I said cheerfully, "I'll bring it in to the family room!"  Yup.  An hour and a half later, poor Jeff got a burned frozen pizza on a paper plate flung down on the coffee table in front of him.  He looked at the black edges of the pizza looked up at me in my crossed-arms defensive stance...and blinked.  That's all.  He just blinked.  I burst into tears and fled to the kitchen to make myself a large vodka tonic.  (Drinking alcohol is not, and never has been, a trigger for me, thank goodness!)  I've decided to give up cooking (which I love and am usually very competent at) until further notice.  Jeff actually seemed relieved when I told him that dinner tonight was hot dogs and bagged salad.  Chef Sky Girl is hanging up her apron until further notice.  (And for those of you who've been reading my blogs for a while, that damned pot roast finally got pitched last night...ewww.)

I have something slightly more inspirational to offer than the above palaver (new word; google it when you get an urge.).  In my flight training, we are taught that "People will forget what you did.  People will forget what you said.  But they will always remember how you made them FEEL".  It is my fervent hope that my presence here, my blogs, my messages, my inbox notes, my responses ALWAYS let everyone here know how very very very much I care about all of the people I've made contact with.  I have been through many things in my life that involved contacts with groups of people.  But, never before, under any circumstances, have I EVER met a group of strangers who so quickly identified with each other and so completely and earnestly cared about each others' feelings and success.  Thank GOD we have each other.

Btw, quitting sucks at times.  But I'm so glad I have my quit and I won't give it up for ANYTHING.  Not even a decently-prepared meal.  Jeff might, though.  No, Just KIDDING.  He's my biggest supporter.  I wonder how many more foot rubs I can get out of him before he figures out that foot rubs have nothing whatsoever to do with my maintaining my Quit!  Aaaahahahahahah!

Day Twelve!  I am a non-smoker.  Yay, me! (Dancing around the kitchen.  You'll note I said "kitchen"...)

Okay.  I get that gaining a leeeeetle bit of weight is okay while quitting smoking.  I accept that smoking is far more dangerous to your health than gaining a few cuddly pounds.  I acknowledge that  one should be gentle and non-judgemental with oneself while showing the NicoDemon who is in charge.

However, after the difficulty in zipping up my jeans this morning, I'm beginning to question my earlier thinking.  Perhaps being "gentle with oneself" doesn't include ham & cheese omelets, Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper, and chocolate peanut-butter ice cream???  WHaaaaat?

I am normally a healthy eater.  Seriously.  I know that's hard to believe, given that I know about Hamburger Helper but, hey.  We all have an ugly past.  Mine includes Hamburger Helper, which I gave up YEARS and YEARS ago.  Unfortunately, while strolling the aisles of the grocery store yesterday, I spied my old beloved comfort food.  And instead accepting the lies of the NicoDemon, I bought into the smooth lies of the Fat&CarbDemon, who told me that I gave up cigarettes, so I DESERVE this box of processed garbage.  (Hey, you add milk to it, right?  That's protein, right?)

Now if  that one little box of Hamburger Hell-per had been my only transgression thus far, I'd be okay.  However, I've been making excuses for my eating choices ever single day since I quit on Sept 27.  (Oh, c'mon, doesn't everyone have Caramel Pecan Crunch for breakfast every morning???) 

And today...reality.  My jeans would hardly zip up.  AND....JUNIOR EXERCISED and blogged about it.  I read her blog while Jeff and I sat on a sunny patio in Manzanita, OR and enjoyed Shrimp PoBoys and onion rings...  I'm consumed with guilt.  I hardly enjoyed the home-baked Banana Nut Chocolate Chip Bread we bought on the way home down the Coast.

Junior, my friend, my fellow could you do this to me????  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL   (getting my jaws wired shut tomorrow.  Jeff is digging around in his tool box now.)

Woke up wanting a cigarette with my coffee today.  Didn't do it, because I don't give myself access to cigarettes and because I don't intend to smoke no matter what.. BUT, it was another moderately-frantic day.  Helped Jeff with the hotel guests and then went driving up the coast.  My brain is telling me that I want, that I NEED. that I CAN'T go on without a cigarette. Oh,YEAH????  YES. I CAN.  Because, as usual, I am smarter than the lies my brain is telling me.  I do NOT need a nicotine refill.  It is DAY TEN for for me.  I am gonna start counting my TOES tomorrow because I'm out of fingers after today.  How cool is that?  Oh.  Oh.  Oh. But I'd love to find someone with a cigarette tonight and borrow it and have a puff.  But I WON"T.  And I'm really really really really really really proud of myself that the opportunity is there and that my desire to be a non-smoker is greater. It sounds so easy, but I'm crying now and Jeff is patting my back and he's also saying, "can we PLEASE go home and have ice cream instead of worrying about smokng?  We'll go home and scratch lottery cards and think about replacement behaviors, Darling..."  What a guy.  I'm a not a loser unless I pick up another cigarette.  Which I WON'T.

I spent my Day Nine trying to encourage and support and love all the other people here on this site.  Whoa, that sounds kinda scary new-agey.  Ok, let me rephrase.  I didn't have any cravings that knocked me down and so I could concentrate on making other folks feel stronger.

@ Brenda M (aka nancy#4):   NO. Jeff and I do not look like Barbie & Ken.  We look like "American Gothic".  (Good catch on the kittens' names, though!)  I would post pics if I could ever figure it out.

Thanks, DeirdeD:  What a nice compliment!

NancyExpert:  Where do you live?  Can you join us for dinner in late October in the DC or Baltimore area? (answer privately if you are all shy...)

Greatest Thought of the Day:  Cherry Fritters are better than Blueberry Fritters.  And BOTH are better with morning coffee than cigarettes...which only come in the flavor called, "Nasty Black Ashy Soot".  Hmmm.  Which flavor should I pick???  Duh.


Day Eight: Thank you.

Posted by SkyGirl Oct 4, 2012

To everyone who was sweet to me yesterday, or helped knock some sense into me, or just let me know they were listening to me, please accept my heartfelt and humble "thank you".  It means the world to me to know you are all out there.  And please know that I'm rooting for all of you guys every bit as much as you guys are rooting for me.  

Last night, Jeff got a pizza for us, put the pot roast in the fridge, petted me and put me to bed.  I love that man.  I got some good sleep last night, despite several middle-of-the-night ambushes by Kenneth and Barbara (our 11 week-old kittens).  The sun came up this morning.  It appears that I survived my own wallow yesterday. 

On to Day Eight.  I am a non-smoker.

What the hell is WRONG with me today?  I can't even try to be funny anymore today.

I have not smoked.  I will not smoke.  That is not an option.  I am sure of that.

But this has been the hardest day so far.  I might be woman, but I am not roaring.

In fact, I am now sitting in Jeff's office, after a good long crying jag in the car in the parking lot.

I NEVER cry.  I rise to the occasion.  I make people laugh if I can.  I take care of other people.   But I never cry.  Well, ok, menopausal crying.  And sad movie crying.  But not just random emotional crying. 

I have tried everything we talked about in my previous blog today.  I walked, I drove, I shopped, I played on the computer, I made a hair appointment, I browsed antique stores, I planned a nice dinner, I cleaned the car, I read for a while.  Yet this day has been one long crave lurking underneath everything.

It's UNCOMFORTABLE.  I know that's ALL it is.  But I just want to cry, forget the pot roast and go to bed.  This is NOT me.  I don't like it.  I want today to be over.

Done venting.  I think.  I'm sure I'll be cheerful tomorrow...  Wow.  Bad day.  I don't usually let crap whoop my ass.  This is new.  I don't like it.  I will not smoke, no matter what.  Not feeling the victory, though.  Sorry.

Day Six was a breeze and I had SO much fun with my post yesterday about all the odd foods people eat.  

I hopped a late flight to Portland, OR, last night to go to my other home on the Oregon Coast because I'm on vacation until Oct 15.  Jeff (my Beloved) picked me up at the airport and we drove over the Coast Range Mtns. to our little cottage on the beach in Cape Meares, OR (just outside Tillamook).  Jeff had dismantled my smoking haven on our deck.  But I hadn't done the MENTAL preparation for not smoking in this particular physical location in my life.  Last night wasn't too bad, I was exhausted and with the three-hour time change, it was about 1am when we got home and went straight to bed.

But, oh, this morning!   I had my first smoking dream last night and awoke ready to hop up, make coffee and light up out on the deck.  And I've been fighting what feels like a constant craving for the last five hours.  I drove Jeff to work and we stopped at the lumber store on the way, as we usually do.  He went in the store, and I sat in the car, gnawing on my lemon.  (It's my fourth lemon; I'm not even giving them names anymore.)  I dropped Jeff off at the hotel he manages and went off to run some errands for him.  One errand included the grocery store, where I stood, looking at the cigarette rack and thinking, "Nobody would ever have to know..."  and hating myself for thinking that.  I made myself think about how Jeff was grabbing up handfuls of my hair this morning and telling me how GOOD my hair smells now.  (That felt SO good!)  I bought beef jerky instead.  (But I couldn't get it to light up.  Hahaha.  Kidding.)

I have been sitting in a coffee shop now for two hours because I am sort of afraid to go home.  The association of smoking there on the deck is still so strong.  The craving today is sort of different.  Any cravings I've had on earlier days have been the peak/ebb thing.  This morning has just been one long crave.

 And I'm doing all the right things: reminding myself how I'm free, how I'm going to feel healthier soon, that craves are just lies my nicotine-clean brain is telling me, that Jeff loves the way my hair smells now, that this day on my beloved Oregon coast will still be sunny and beautiful without nasty cigarettes, that the enjoyment I get out of browsing the antiques stores will NOT be enhanced by stepping outside to smoke, that MY LIFE IS BETTER without cigarettes.  I KNOW these things are true.  I KNOW I will not smoke.

But the LIES are shouting loudly today and I'm sure a few shout-outs from my EXer friends would help drown out the Nicodemon today.  I'll be living on the blogs today.  And NOT eating caviar, NancyEXpert!  Ewww.  Gosh, where's a fcig (Yes I said fcig, not ecig. See my blog yesterday) when you need one?  Or if I could just get that damn jerky to light up...  Oh, crap.  A blueberry fritter just jumped into my mouth.  

I wasn't going to blog today because I really had nothing to say other than I'm not smoking and I'm handling the craves.  

But I was reading a blog that Thomas posted today about loving yourself.  In that blog, he described cigarettes as "dried leaves wrapped in paper and dipped in 4000+ chemicals".  

And I got to thinking...  What if you didn't KNOW what a cigarette was and someone showed one to you and gave you that description of it?  Would it even occur to you to stick it in your mouth, light it on fire and then breathe in the fumes?  So...I have to wonder about the first person who ever DID that?  Why would they think that sounds like an enjoyable thing to do?

Which got me thinking about other things that people did for the first time.  For instance, what do you suppose motivated the first person who ever pried open an oyster shell, looked at the grey slimy thing inside and said, "Mmmm.  That looks delicious!  I'll just slurp that thing down.  What a delicacy!"  ???  

What about the first person who looked at a beef liver, and said "This is the organ that filters out all the toxins in the cow's body.  Let's eat THAT!"  ???

Well, for some folks (not me!), the oyster and liver thing works out fine.  Bon Appetit!  But the cigarette thing NEVER works out fine for anyone, EVER.   I am SO glad that I will never smoke another cigarette ever again in  my entire lifetime.   

P.S.  And WHO pulled up an ugly, snapping, bottom-feeding crab out of the water and said, "Oh, yummy!" ???  Although, in that particular case, I'm glad they did.  I love crab. 

Holy Cow!  I just noticed that I'm in the New Member Spotlight!  How cool is that?  Well, probably not very, especially since EACH and EVERY one of us who comes to this site deserve accolades for wanting to quit smoking.  Despite the fact that IIIIII know (and I hope every other quitter here knows) that each one of us here on this site should be recognized,  I'm haboring this little vanity....  My GRANDKIDS don't know that EVERYONE here should be in the Spotlight!  Heheheheh.  I think I'll point it out to them and offer them my autograph!  Show & Tell worthy?  shhhh....  :-)