Day 2 - Morning

Blog Post created by sarai on Sep 10, 2013

Am listening to a little German radio to remind me of what is now my new home country :) Also, Germany is going to the polls on 22nd September, and I won't be there, so I want to keep up with what is happening. I listen to if anyone is interested.

Today I feel incredibly clear - no noticeable withdrawal symptoms other than the obvious feeling of excess energy and alertness, and although I've had a bit of trouble sleeping, I know it is going to get better in a few days so I don't mind. I'm feeling confident about my quit!

What worries me is that these are the times when it is easiest to lie to myself - "Oh, well, this doesn't feel so bad... maybe I can just have a little bit, just one puff... not now, but maybe some day in the future" In fact, my quit is most at risk at the 7 day point! Weird, since that is when you are supposed to be at least risk..

How do you guys manage confidence to ensure it doesn't turn into OVERconfidence? My goal is to make sure that this site remains a part of my life as long as possible, but what else can I do?