New Motivation.............

Blog Post created by Sandy4 on Mar 4, 2009
I went to the dentist today and got my teeth cleaned!! Nice new clean white teeth to start a new life not smoking. A new motivation to not smoke!! Besides the white teeth the dentist told me about periodontal disease. (Which I have, do to smoking.) The pockets between your teeth and gums get deeper, food gets down in there and causes all kinds of trouble. While she was cleaning my teeth they were bleeding more than normal. She said this was because I quit smoking. Smoking restricts the blood vessels so they don’t bleed. The bleeding is somewhat good (at this time) because the blood will help heal the pockets. The more I don’t smoke the better it will get and then not bleed anymore. Sorry if that is gross but if you think about it there are things that are grosser that could happen from smoking.