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Yesterday, I picked up my daughter after her track practice.  As we drove home, she said, “How many days is it?” I’d stopped mentioning the number of days since I quit to her. Although she was always very supportive, I just felt like she didn’t need to participate in her mom’s recovery.  She’s 14. There are other things she should focus on. I guess she noticed that I was no longer announcing my count so she asked.

She also mentioned how funny it was that my generation thought smoking was cool and how her generation hates it.  THAT was music to my ears since I was smoking at her age.


Anyway, I was thrilled that she asked and after thanking her,  I proudly announced 75 days. She then said, we should celebrate when you hit should have a huge seafood dinner since that’s your favorite. Then she realized that we’ll be on vacation on my 100th day.’s a photo of us during the first week of my quit. I’ll post another in 25...well, now 24 days of us on Sanibel Island in Florida when we celebrate my 100th day. Can’t wait!

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