Double Digits, Baby!!!

Blog Post created by Sandi4 on Oct 22, 2008

I've made it. Ten days smoke free. Not one puff.

I felt weak yesterday while we were changing over to a new applicant tracking system at work. The seamless transition was anything but and the constant snags were really getting to me. I wanted to go outside and smoke. Now, the funny (or maybe not so funny ) thing is that the smoking section of our company overlooks a cemetary. Since I quit, I've been thinking about how crazy it was to look at headstones while slowly killing myself. Anyway, instead of trying to bum a cancer stick, I gathered all my daughter's pictures that I keep in my cubicle and lined them up in front me. Then I thought about all the memories I want to make with her.

Sure enough, the desire to smoke was gone in a minute or two. The dumb ass new system was still here AND it still would've been here if I'd given in and smoked., I'm at day 10 and doing it cold turkey, I might add. Tomorrow is another day and the fight starts anew but it's becoming less difficult and I'm up to the challenge.

I'm grateful first to God and then for the support I've received on this site. Thank you all for giving me inspiration every day. Next 11.