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Approximately 2 am, June 28th

Posted by Sandi4 Jun 29, 2008

is when I had my last cigarette. I chose that day b/c it's my daughter's 5th birthday but I'd just about talked myself into waiting until after July 4th. Instead, I stuck with my chosen date and I haven't had a cigarette yet. I don't have one of those counters so I can't provide all the statistics. I just know it's been about 34 hours.

I just got a call from one of my best friends. His 15 year old son who was born with a myriad of birth defects just died. It was the perfect excuse to light up because my friend is my daughter's Godfather and he was here for her party yesterday and was so happy. I wanted that cigarette because my good friend is hurting and I don't have the words for him. But my smoking won't bring Braedon back and it won't ease my friend's heart ache. So in memory of Braedon Ravenell...I will remain smoke free one more day.

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