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Stacking Days

Posted by Sandi4 Jul 11, 2018

It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was looking forward to my 100th DOF and today I celebrate 200 days nicotine free. It's amazing how quickly the days stack up when you focus on things other than smoking.  Easier said than done in the beginning but trust me, the day does come where you won't spend every waking moment thinking about cigarettes. 


We've all heard that you have to approach fighting an addiction, ONE DAY AT AT TIME and until that really sunk in, I was engaged in a constant battle. My lack of patience had me wanting to be on the other as if I'd never smoked.  It took time but I realized that I needed build a foundation that consisted of "days lived -  smoke free."  I began to pledge here every day; not only to my fellow EX'ers but to myself,  that for just 24 hours, I wouldn't smoke.    As the days have passed, I find myself more focused on just living each day as it comes rather than wishing to be in some other space and time.  My attention is now directed on  growing my business so I can step away from corporate America,  losing the weight I gained between days 60 and 150, teaching my 15 year old how to drive, obsessing over my lawn that doesn't look as great as it did last summer, etc.  Once my attention was diverted, the days began to stack quickly.  Sometimes, I wasn't aware of the exact number of days because  I was no longer fixated on it.  I'm just living smoke free...ONE DAY AT A TIME.


Has every day been easy? Most certainly not.  But as we all know, life will happen whether we smoke or not.  The Elders told us so.  Celebrate every second, minute, hour and day that you remain committed to your quit.  You'll be amazed at how quickly they'll add up.  Keep stacking  'em, my friends!

Yesterday, I picked up my daughter after her track practice.  As we drove home, she said, “How many days is it?” I’d stopped mentioning the number of days since I quit to her. Although she was always very supportive, I just felt like she didn’t need to participate in her mom’s recovery.  She’s 14. There are other things she should focus on. I guess she noticed that I was no longer announcing my count so she asked.

She also mentioned how funny it was that my generation thought smoking was cool and how her generation hates it.  THAT was music to my ears since I was smoking at her age.


Anyway, I was thrilled that she asked and after thanking her,  I proudly announced 75 days. She then said, we should celebrate when you hit should have a huge seafood dinner since that’s your favorite. Then she realized that we’ll be on vacation on my 100th day.’s a photo of us during the first week of my quit. I’ll post another in 25...well, now 24 days of us on Sanibel Island in Florida when we celebrate my 100th day. Can’t wait!


Sandi4 Archived Profile

Posted by Sandi4 Jan 23, 2017


I am a 45 year old single mother of an almost 5 year old daughter. We moved 800 miles from everyone we know 8 months ago and although my quality of life has improved, it's a bit stressful being so far from our family but I've decided that isn't a reason to continue smoking.

  I've been careful not to use the words cigarettes or smoking around my daughter and I try to hide it from her but she often comes to the window while I'm puffing on the porch. She looks at me so intently, that I know, that she knows, I'm doing something wrong. The other day a "quit smoking" commercial came on and she turned to me, pointed her little finger and said, "SMOKING!" That's when I knew it was time to quit. She'd found the word to describe what she'd seen me doing and I don't want her to think it's a good thing.

  So here I am...becoming an EX!

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Double Digits, Baby!!!

Posted by Sandi4 Oct 22, 2008

I've made it. Ten days smoke free. Not one puff.

I felt weak yesterday while we were changing over to a new applicant tracking system at work. The seamless transition was anything but and the constant snags were really getting to me. I wanted to go outside and smoke. Now, the funny (or maybe not so funny ) thing is that the smoking section of our company overlooks a cemetary. Since I quit, I've been thinking about how crazy it was to look at headstones while slowly killing myself. Anyway, instead of trying to bum a cancer stick, I gathered all my daughter's pictures that I keep in my cubicle and lined them up in front me. Then I thought about all the memories I want to make with her.

Sure enough, the desire to smoke was gone in a minute or two. The dumb ass new system was still here AND it still would've been here if I'd given in and smoked., I'm at day 10 and doing it cold turkey, I might add. Tomorrow is another day and the fight starts anew but it's becoming less difficult and I'm up to the challenge.

I'm grateful first to God and then for the support I've received on this site. Thank you all for giving me inspiration every day. Next 11.


Starting over

Posted by Sandi4 Oct 15, 2008

Well, my June quit went down the tubes and I smoked all summer. I was too ashamed to come back to this site (even though I'd read countless comments by people who'd relapsed and tried again.)

But, I've started fresh and had my last cigarette on Sunday, October 12th at 2:30pm. I can't believe how much I think about's ridiculous. But, my daughter paid me a great compliment last night. She said, "Mommy, you don't smell like smoke today." It's great to know your child no longer finds you smelly.

Looking forward to another smoke free day.


Approximately 2 am, June 28th

Posted by Sandi4 Jun 29, 2008

is when I had my last cigarette. I chose that day b/c it's my daughter's 5th birthday but I'd just about talked myself into waiting until after July 4th. Instead, I stuck with my chosen date and I haven't had a cigarette yet. I don't have one of those counters so I can't provide all the statistics. I just know it's been about 34 hours.

I just got a call from one of my best friends. His 15 year old son who was born with a myriad of birth defects just died. It was the perfect excuse to light up because my friend is my daughter's Godfather and he was here for her party yesterday and was so happy. I wanted that cigarette because my good friend is hurting and I don't have the words for him. But my smoking won't bring Braedon back and it won't ease my friend's heart ache. So in memory of Braedon Ravenell...I will remain smoke free one more day.

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