6 Days Smoke Free

Blog Post created by Roxie-1-16-2014 on Jan 21, 2014

It's been 6 days since my last cigarette and I'm really glad I started this journey however the cravings really suck and tonight I'm feeling pretty depressed. I know it takes time but dang it how come this time can't go by faster. I know all this will pass but right now it seems I'll never feel good again. These miserable feelings are my curse for taking that evil cigarette so many years ago. If I could only turn back the clock I know I would never have started. I'm sure most smokers and ex-smokers wish they had never started. However it is what it is. I made a stupid choice the day I started and I finally made a good choice 6 days ago. My body is screaming at me that it wasn't a good one because of how it is feeling this week but in time it will thank me for making it healthier. I have not been tempted to cheat as these past 6 days of hell would be for nothing and I know that I never want to go through them again. Reading the articles on the links you shared with me has helped me to understand the addiction and I know what I have to do. I will stay on track and one day all these miserable feelings will go away. I just need to stay determined and don't give in. One day at a time and sometimes it's been 5 minutes at a time.... I just wanted to say Thank you for helping me get through another day! Hope you all have a wonderful night!