Redman forcing Smobriety!

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Sep 15, 2019

In a wicked turn of events, my brother had an accident at work. His leg was caught in a machine he was diagnosing; the result:

It crushed and broke bones from the ankle through his knee. He is unable to support any weight on it. While it is fortunate for him that I care, it is also unfortunate for him. I picked him up from the hospital last night, and he is with me for upwards of 3 months! 

I've spent the morning preparing the house to make it easier for him. I will be in and out of town the next several weeks, my wife is capable but there are some things a person cannot be expected to do, wiping my brother's arse is one of them. 


He spent 4 days in the hospital without a single drink or cigarette; he didn't even get a patch to day 3, which I was like,  "you idiot, the nicotine was gone". When my wife visited him Thursday, I had her tell him, "it looks like you are quitting smoking too". My brother, if you couldn't tell suffers from alcoholism as well as an addiction to nicotine. 


On our ride home last night, he stated how he was looking to quit anyways. He was like, without the patch he was fine. He pointed out how he could do it and so forth. I said, "that is great, I'm not taking you outside every hour to smoke, and my wife isn't either! "


As you all, even those who are just starting their quit, would figure, I woke up this morning to him wanting a cigarette. He didn't start pleading with me, but I told him, I refuse to pay the tax on them. He said, "I'll give you my card." I replied, "I don't think you understand, I vowed to never smoke again, and I also vowed to never but them again, your card or not."


My brother has always been respectful of my rules. He won't touch alcohol at my house, even when he is deep into a bender. It is too difficult for us to continually get him in and out. The great thing is, he didn't give me too much trouble about it. I also helped that out by giving him an alternative...

These are left over from a quit attempt earlier this year, prior to me finding the Ex. I placed them on the counter and said, the wife is leaving and it will be a while before anybody is to and from town (I live in the country). It didn't take long for him to put the patch on. 


I understand 2 things about addiction now. 1, this will not keep him quit. 2. I'm a ******** in his mind! I'm ok with both, perhaps he goes long enough that something clicks. I told him to read through, then I may break my rule and get him a pack. I also told him that he needs the circulation to be optimal for his leg to heal. We'll see what happens.


If this does work, it would have a very Stephen King's Misery feeling to it. We can get every one to quit...if we break their leg and have them bed ridden for a while! It also has a Saw feel to it! It is ok, I'm sadistic, I lived through years of his torture (he is the oldest brother) and now I will happily repay it!